The Avalon Foundation is BY KIDS-

We are committed to our mission of youth-centered leadership development through service to the rare disease community. By proving emotional support to pediatric patients and their families during life-changing and critical transitions, we help shape a healthier & more positive experience that ensures compliancy with treatments as well as family unity.

[Currently, we are serving families with Hypophosphatasia. With future funding, we look forward to helping other rare disease communities.]

Our Video

Our Avalon Foundation Video

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Video.  Made for us by the talented folks at Hansons!

Our Programs

Focused on kids, compassion, and service.

#PainBox Program

The kc4k Advisory Board (made up of 11 kids ages 10-14) co-created the PainBox Program with the help of mental health and wellness professionals. Kids customize care packages tailored to each patient and the family called PainBoxes that serve as an incentive program to help keep the patients compliant and families together. Our kiddos that we help tell us that it gives them determination and strength to get through because the encouragement is coming from other kids. This is KEY. (We look forward to offering the PainBox Program to other rare disease groups as funding increases.) 

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#kc4k Leadership Program

We are committed to being kid driven & lead; while adult monitored & guided. This Program is dedicated to creating self-awareness of an individual’s own abilities and power to be able to make a positive impact on the world through the pillars of Leadership, Compassion, Commitment, and Contribution (LCCC). Our program is designed to help our youth develop lifelong leadership skills, cultivate compassion and commitment, teach them to personally contribute to the betterment of society. By instilling these skills and values in our youth at a young age, we are creating a lifelong imprint that positively impacts the world.  


What Are We Up To Now?

Here is the latest from the foundation 

PBE’s “Casual for a Cause”

Dressing down in the office benefits charity

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13abc News Story on House for Hope

Lissa Guyton from 13abc News called! She wanted to know what the story is behind the House for Hope… so we invited her to come and tour the Perrysburg home-build[…]

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How To Help?

The Avalon Foundation is always seeking people with a passion for KIDS & KINDNESS!

for YOU to Help

Are you looking to volunteer with your family? Or be the one who makes a difference for others? One thing is certain: every act of kindness is needed to make the world a better place today. The Avalon Foundation has a variety of ways to get involved for people of all ages! 

Do you know that 
serving others 
is GOOD for YOU?

-CONNECTS you to others
-is good for your mind and body
-can advance your career 
-brings FUN and FULFILLMENT to your life

Opportunities for Businesses & Groups

Are you connected to a business that could be interested in supporting us with goods, services, sponsorship, or a tax-deductible donation?  
Our kc4k kiddos would love to present to the decision-makers in your organization!

Or maybe a scout troop that is looking for a service project to collaborate on? Or a youth group who could be interested in learning more to join our volunteer team?

Our kc4k has written both recruiting and corporate presentations. They have received leadership training in public speaking and professional etiquette. By engaging our kc4k kids, your group receives an opportunity to support youth leadership development in the Toledo area!

Contact us to have them scheduled with you. 

Videos For Volunteers

This is our video library compiled as a resource for our volunteers. from demostrating the process of putting together our PainBoxes to sending supportive notes to patients, the kc4k walks you through the process.
Check it out, and if you still have questions- call us!

Our Team

kc4k Advisory Board

Our kc4k Advisory Board (kc4k=kids caring for kids) is a group of kiddos whose mission is to reach out to children fighting rare disease who are in need of support and positive reinforcement as they undergo treatment. They just want to make life better for them them!

Board of Directors

A generous group of professional individuals that offer their time, talents, and hearts to creating a strong platform for our kiddos to accomplish their vision and goals of helping others.

Wellness Advisory Board

An amazing group of wellness professionals who advise and guide our PainBox Program in the best interest of our patients and their families. 

A-Team of Volunteers

This is our big-hearted group that is on call to fill in and help with whatever needs to be done. Whether they are serving on committees, staffing events, packing boxes, or making calls; our volunteers provide the magic that makes our mission possible!


#Painbox Warrior Stories 

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our families want to share:

“The biggest change that we have seen in Jameson had been increased stamina. This may not sounds like a big deal, but [enzyme replacement therapy] has allowed him to participate fully in life again, maybe that means having energy to do the things he wants to do, not just what he has to do. We appreciate all of the support from the PainBox Program.”
 -Jameson’s Mom 

Jameson, age 13

“When Avery started [enzyme replacement therapy] we made a bucket list of all the “ordinary” things she wanted to accomplish. One MAJOR check off on that list was climbing the ladder at the park. Not even a month after starting [treatment], she accomplished her goal!! And thanks to the PainBox Program, she was willing and able to keep up with her injections so we could witness this awesome moment!”
-Avery’s Mom

Avery, age 4

“I’ve never met another kid with HPP who also has to give himself [exzyme replacement therapy] injections. Receiving the PainBox made me feel not so alone.”

-Porter, age 14

“Jameson wants everyone to know how much the PainBox gifts and treats made something negative, starting to give himself injections, into something positive as it gave him something to look forward to. Even though he is 13 he loved sitting next to the giant bear, which he named Barry, when he did his injections. He admitted that he always wanted one of those bears when he was little and it was cool to finally have one. Barry now has a permanent spot in our living by the piano. Thank you to everyone who has donated time, money, or supplies to PainBox and to Avalon and Deborah for reaching out to make the road a little easier for the rest of us on our HPP journey.”
-Jameson’s Mom

Jameson, age 13

“She says ‘I can do this mommy.’ I told her you got this. You can achieve anything now, you just need to set your mind to it and you can do it!”
-Zoe’s Mom

Zoe, age 4

“Thank you so much!! We are trying not to give up on these shots because we are seeing improvements but it’s so hard on her. She just screams and asks us why we want to hurt her. These incentives have been a saving grace for all of us! We were going broke trying to find gifts to help her along so when your foundation popped into our lives, it took a lot of pressure off of us. And to see her face go from pure agony to joy in a second, it makes this so much easier. What you guys are doing for these kids is life changing…
You have no idea how much this has helped her. And your daughter has been such an inspiration to her. You should be VERY proud of the legacy you are all creating.

-Avery’s Mom

Avery, age 4